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Selling private label? 3 reasons why purchasers should take this step

Do you as a purchaser sometimes think about selling private label? This is not such a strange idea at all.


It is nowadays even more important for retailers to distinguish themselves from the competition. The rapid rise of, for instance, Ali Express and Amazon enable the possibility that the consumer can buy products at cheaper prices.

Many retailers are now experiencing great challenges, as consumers find their way directly to the wholesaler, resulting in a significant pressure on the price.

Challenges of selling private label
One of the answers to this challenge is offering private label articles. This is, however, in practice not always easy to achieve. Possible issues that you could be faced with include, for example, a lack of quick anticipation to new trends, keeping the stock level up-to-date, as well as keeping the logistics well organised.

TeleQare, a European company with an office and logistics platform in Asia, has focussed on this matter, so retailers can offer high-quality private label products, without the related worries and pitfalls.

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Three reasons why selling private label is the best choice for you as a retailer:

  • Offering high quality
    There are ample suppliers on the market, which sometimes makes it difficult to recognize the qualitative players that can also guarantee deliveries on time. TeleQare’s logistics platform is located in Guangzhou (China), where quality is a highly important factor. We extensively test the products ourselves before bringing them to the market. Various large international retailers have in recent years already opted for a collaboration with TeleQare. The quality is often higher than most brands.
  • Margins are a retailer’s lifeline
    By consolidating our purchase volumes, we can guarantee low purchase costs. Margins up to 90% can thus be realised at TeleQare. This figure is substantially higher than what most brands offer. Selling private label prevents direct price comparison.
  • You always have the right certificates
    As a retailer, you do not want to run the risk of a product that carries your name not living up to the legal standards. The local authorities are keeping an increasingly strict eye on this.
    TeleQare sorts out all certificates required, hence you will not run any risks as a retailer or purchaser.

Order now your free sample
Are you now also convinced by the above that TeleQare could be your private label partner? Just send us a request for your free demo package with several accessories by clicking on the button below. That way you can experience the quality yourself.

Maybe soon you’re the retailer selling private label yourself.

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