Your house style in a perfectly matching concept

Ready for Retails Concepts

Our multinational team provides product design, manufacturing management, quality control, kitting, warehousing and logistics services to global distributors of accessories for mobile devices. We work with carefully selected manufacturers. With our in-house product development and control we are involved from the very start. Our team of designers take care of product design, aiding to create and protect your house style and brand’s identity. The printing companies we work with know our standards and work according to our quality checking standards with Pantone matching and colorimeters. In our fulfilment facility we check products for quality issues, and pack them in retail packaging. We consolidate goods for shipment and if necessary stock surplus packaging for future use.


Your supply, no matter where it comes from, should be delivered ready to be sold. Unboxing your deliveries with the knowledge they can be distributed, displayed and sold immediately.


Your products will be sent to you with all necessary elements added, like packaging and model and barcode labels. Everything fully prepared, your goods ready for retail.

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