Your projects are taken care of by our team following our so called 5 stages of care system.
Here we explain how we will look after every aspect of your products.

  • 1. Requirement Analyses Stage

    All details are gathered and processed to make sure we cover all requirements for your project.

    To ascertain your requirements are 100% clear, we will record all details regarding your order. In our system we will create a case, which then will be followed by all other departments and producing parties. This case will then be archived, to be consulted for future reorders.

  • 2. Concept Development Stage

    With all details and known requirements, a complete concept is worked out by TeleQare.

    We are taking it over from here. Not really of course, you will always stay involved. Everything will be prepared by our team to make sure it goes to the manufacturers with all instructions and focus points included.

  • 3. Proposal Confirmation Stage

    Mock ups, samples or pictures are provided, which then shall be approved before production will take off.

    The first results are shared. Carefully selected factories will provide mockups, samples or good pictures of the initial results to confirm everything is indeed produced following your requirements to the last detail. Once approved, we will give green light to start production.

  • 4. Manufacturing and Item Consolidation

    Production of the products and packaging are in process. Once finished, they can be consolidated for shipment in our warehouse.

    All details are confirmed and all information now is complete. Your order is in production. We will maintain in close contact with the manufacturer to ensure no problems occur and deadlines are met. Once production is finished we can receive the products in our fulfilment facility for consolidation.

  • 5. Fulfillment, Warehousing and Logistics

    Products will undergo quality checks and will be packed, preparing them for shipment. Surplus packaging can be warehoused at TeleQare.

    This optional service adds extra security to ease your mind completely. Products will be handled by our Quality Control team checking for defects and mis-productions. After checking we can pack them in your retail packaging and label the required labels on each products. Once finished, products can be shipped in your desired method.