Our local presence for your convenience

TeleQare Facilitation

Our local presence in Asia should benefit you.

Communication, mediation and documentation all goes a lot easier when someone is on the spot to look after it for you. Speaking the local languages.To give you an idea of the additional services we can offer through our presence and our local network here follows a breakdown of examples.

Factory Mediation

We can work with your factory. If you have preferred suppliers we can work with them on behalf of you.

We can help you to get across your requirements and mediate to make sure you meet and maintain an agreement based on quality, price and quantity. We will advise you where necessary, and might offer alternatives based on our vision on your project.

Arrangement for External QC

In case your products require (further) checking with official certificates stating their compliance with certain certifications, we can help you.

Official agencies are locally represented to offer these services for export products. Quality is important, so an reconfirming check up for CE, ROHS, REACH, TÜV, or other certifications can be a necessity.

Mediation with Forwarders

Transportation. This can often be arranged with a contact person or agency in the country of destination.

However, it is of vital importance to have everything sorted out properly in the country of origin too. We are there to follow up this process with you. Communication, documentation and local transport can all be arranged to make sure no delays or issues are caused.

External QC or Factory Audit

Upon request we can perform Factory Audits or external quality control on location.

Sometimes checking up on production is necessary to make sure intermediate processes are followed through properly by the manufacturers. Sending in a representative to make sure this happens, can offer more security and ease of heart.

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